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Roman blinds should hang completely even to avoid looking messy. Cords on the back of the blind used to raise and lower it.

roman blind tips
Chain operated roman blind system

Putting up roman blinds requires some care. Ideally, once hung for the first time a roman blind should be left in the up position so that the fabric gets moulded into its folds. Still, depending on the crease resistance of the fabric, for some days after roman blinds are hung you may need to manipulate the fabric into neat folds by pulling forward the fabric forward at each fold as you raise the blind.

Remember that roman blinds are made out of fabric and thread and as such they should be operated with care and never tugged as this can break threads and shorten the life of the blind. When raising the blind push it gently upwards with your free hand. Pull down from the ‘pull’ and not from the cord above it to ensure an even level. Traditional cord mechanisms may get tangled over time with lack of care in handling. They can be detangled with some patience of course and, when cords wear out and break, they can be replaced. If you find the cord system difficult to use there is a chain operated system available which allows easier function and the blind will pull up straight every time. The chain hangs on one side and is usually white or chrome. Roman blinds on traditional cord and batten mechanisms can be updated easily to the chain system. There are motorised options available but this adds considerably to the cost. Many people favour the traditional system in older properties as it is a little more discreet than having a chain that you cannot tie up to a fixed cleat on the frame of the window. From the end of March 2014 there are new safety laws in place concerning cords.

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